We can spend up to a third of our life in retirement and, whether you plan to travel the world or stay closer to home, being able to afford the lifestyle you want after you stop work needs careful planning.

Many people put off taking the first step because they don't think they can afford to save for their retirement, don't think they need to save or don't know where to start.

Retirement is about far more than pensions, you need to:

Look to pay off all your debts - such as mortgages. Your income is likely to go down so you need to reduce your outgoings
Build up a regular source of income you can count on for day-to-day spending - a pension is ideal for this
Set aside money in savings accounts to for unforeseen extras and emergencies

We can help you with a plan to get you on the path to the retirement you want.

And our work doesn't stop there.

We can review your investments as you approach retirement and help you manage them after you've retired to ensure money worries don't limit what you want to achieve.

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